Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Tee Epidemic

We are so into tees!  This look is so comfortable and stylish at the same time.  It allows you to rock a relaxed look while still maintaining your high-fashion status.  Check out a few of our favorite t-shirt looks below.  
The boyfriend tee is one of our favorite tees.  It is laid back, it covers the waist, and has an oversize vibe.  
Graphic tees and blazers/jackets are always chic when put together.  The graphic tee makes the outfit casual while the blazer gives it a little class.  Perfect combo!  

Fashion doesn't have to always be so dressy.  The more relaxed the outfit is, the more swag it has.  Remember the outfit does not make the lady, the lady makes the outfit.  
Pictures retrieved from google. 

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