Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sonique Saturday - Fake it till you make it....or just know how to rock it!

We love to see our sisters doing their entrepreneurial thing.  It inspires us and makes us want to go harder!  With that being said, we ran up on this creative, liberated cutie that has designed the most intriguing purses yet.  Check one out below. 

Let us tell you why we are digging these bags - the statement behind them!  When we saw this bag and the others, and we instantly fell in love.  So many women are trying to break the bank and get purses they can't afford.  Or, so many women have the fake purses and are ashamed to tell the world - but the design above puts it all on the line.  It says, "I can't afford the real one, but I'm not ashamed because I'm fly regardless if the bag is real or not."  Or, "I can afford the real one, but this design is too fly to pass up and real bags don't make me - my style does."  We love fashion with conscious meanings behind them!  See more of Sonique's bags below. 

She even has stylish celebrities like Amber Rose rocking her designs!

Check out more of Sonique's eccentric designs at

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