Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fashion’s Young IT Girls

Zendaya, Malia Obama, and Amandla Stenberg all have quite a few things in common.  They are all young women of color in the spotlight, they are expressive, innovative teenagers, and they create their own fashion lanes – just our types of girls! 

Recently named three of Time Magazine’s 30 most influential teens of 2015, these hipsters are setting trends and taking names.  Their styles are original and age-appropriate, and they know how to catch their audience’s eye without forcefully trying.  

Let’s jump right into the proceedings so that we can show you why Zendaya, Malia, and Amandla are the IT Girls of fashion. 

Instagram @zendaya 

The school girl ensemble never looked so suave!  Zendaya nailed this all grey look with the pleated dress, patent leather knee-high boots, trench coat and leather book bag.  

Instagram @zendaya

All plaid is a tricky look to pull off but not for Zendaya.  This plaid two-piece outfit is a fun look to sport.  The full skirt gives off a modern vibe, and the white shoes add a chic feel. 

Instagram @zendaya

Zendaya always seems to get the androgynous look right.  This tailored pinstripe suite screams fashion!  Zendaya added the perfect amount of femininity to this masculine look.  We love it!

Instagram @amandlastenberg

We pledge allegiance to this look!  Amandla made all kinds of statements wearing this American Flag sweater with the American Flag draped over her shoulders.  Her studded boots gave this outfit just the right amount of flare.    

Instagram @amandlastenberg

Prints and solids are difficult to coordinate but not if you are Amandla!  This look puts us in a 60s mind frame.  It is vintage and classic.  The star of this entire look is the purse!  A nice purse can take an outfit from cool to dope! 

Instagram @amandlastenberg

Baby doll socks and red leather Mary Jane shoes are considered fashion?  Yes, if you rock like Amandla Stenberg!  This adorable look makes us melt.  It’s age-appropriate and bold at the same time.  

Instagram @revistapaulachile

Move over President Obama, your daughter is clearly the star!  We love how all of these girls play with colors.  Matching this gold skirt with navy blue gave Malia’s outfit pizzazz. 

Instagram @2hilarious

Pretty in hot pink!  Malia gracefully glides in this cutesy lace, A-line dress.  It’s simple enough for a regular day yet dressy enough for a White House event. 

Instgram @agente_beauty    

It seems that Malia loves to throw a brown or gold color in the mix with her blues, and we applaud it.  This preppy look will standout on any college campus and rightfully so. 

We are proud of these young women for establishing their own styles and being themselves.  We look forward to seeing how their fashion evolves over the years.  Go girls! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sonique Saturday - Fake it till you make it....or just know how to rock it!

We love to see our sisters doing their entrepreneurial thing.  It inspires us and makes us want to go harder!  With that being said, we ran up on this creative, liberated cutie that has designed the most intriguing purses yet.  Check one out below. 

Let us tell you why we are digging these bags - the statement behind them!  When we saw this bag and the others, and we instantly fell in love.  So many women are trying to break the bank and get purses they can't afford.  Or, so many women have the fake purses and are ashamed to tell the world - but the design above puts it all on the line.  It says, "I can't afford the real one, but I'm not ashamed because I'm fly regardless if the bag is real or not."  Or, "I can afford the real one, but this design is too fly to pass up and real bags don't make me - my style does."  We love fashion with conscious meanings behind them!  See more of Sonique's bags below. 

She even has stylish celebrities like Amber Rose rocking her designs!

Check out more of Sonique's eccentric designs at

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Tee Epidemic

We are so into tees!  This look is so comfortable and stylish at the same time.  It allows you to rock a relaxed look while still maintaining your high-fashion status.  Check out a few of our favorite t-shirt looks below.  
The boyfriend tee is one of our favorite tees.  It is laid back, it covers the waist, and has an oversize vibe.  
Graphic tees and blazers/jackets are always chic when put together.  The graphic tee makes the outfit casual while the blazer gives it a little class.  Perfect combo!  

Fashion doesn't have to always be so dressy.  The more relaxed the outfit is, the more swag it has.  Remember the outfit does not make the lady, the lady makes the outfit.  
Pictures retrieved from google.