Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Style Crush - Ellen V. Lora

There is a huge difference between fashion and style.  Actress and model Lauren Hutton said it best, “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.  And style is what you choose.”  Well Lauren Hutton must have rolled upon our style crush’s Instagram page or blog when she spoke that truth because Ellen V. Lora definitely has style.

While perusing through Ellen’s photos on her blog, our mouths hung open in awe.  Ellen knows how to put simple threads together to create fashionable ensembles.  Her style is versatile with a bit of a hippie twist.  Ellen’s go-to pieces include her clunky heels, monochromatic tones, and wide-brimmed black hats.  All of Ellen’s looks shine in some aspect, but we managed to choose six of our favorites that stand out.  We also offer suggestions on where to sport these looks.  Check it out below. 
Stand out at your next club outing in all white; even during the winter months.  Add some black heels and a black wide-brimmed hat, and you have created the ultimate sleek, white look.  We are always here for a two piece outfit and this frilly number is simple yet bold.   

The 90’s were the ultimate fashion years in our opinion, and Ellen nailed this throwback, schoolgirl look. The overall shorts worn with one shoulder on and one off is classic.  Adding the crop top, hat, and clunky tennis took it all the way to the 90s era.  Wear this look to the mall or on a sunny afternoon while chilling with your besties.
Mixing sporty with casual has to be done strategically, and of course Ellen got it right.  We love this look because it is not the norm.  Most fashion girls would have chosen tennis shoes to complete this outfit, but not Ellen.  She topped this outfit off with some casual booties and called it a day: genius fashion move!  If you are daring, throw this outfit on at a get-together or social event.  If you are self-conscious about wearing the sports-bra by itself, throw a black blazer on to create an even more sporty-casual vibe. 
White jeans and white shirts worn together never get old.  It is the coolest look to pull off.  Ellen created a rocker-chic style with this look by adding a biker jacket, black boot-shoes, and a red lip.  Got a fashion event to attend?  Recreate this outfit for that event, and we are more than sure that you will be sitting front row! 
Wearing a men’s button-down shirt as a dress never looked so good!  Ellen transformed this masculine frock into a feminine, fashion frenzy just by rolling up the sleeves and adding some sexy boots.  Make your girlfriends green with envy by wearing this to your next “girl’s night out” event.
As shown by Ellen, fashion does not have to be complex; it just has to be you and what you choose.  To get an even larger dose of Ellen’s style, check her Instagram page out (@ellenvlora) or visit her blog at www.rocafox.com. 

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