Friday, May 1, 2015

Kelly Rowland Deserves the Fashion Crown!

We don’t think you’re ready for Miss Kelly!  Since her days of being a member of the successful R&B girl group - Destiny’s Child, Kelly has grown into her own fierce woman.  Now days, she is embracing her beauty, motherhood, and her keen fashion sense, and we are in love with every minute of it!
From spicing up tomboy looks to killing the social scene in an ankle-length fur, Kelly holds nothing back when it comes to styling.  She possesses the type of body that designers hunt for to display their clothes.  Everything fits her so well and drapes effortlessly on her shape. 
If you haven’t gotten on the Kelly Rowland bandwagon by now, let’s us sway you in her direction with some looks that we are sure will make you praise the fashion gods.  Check them out below. 

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/KellyRowland

It seems as if Kelly was saying this in her mind while she was smiling, “Yup, I’m definitely slaying without even trying and oh, have you checked out my shoes?”  This easygoing look is on point.  A t-shirt and distressed jeans make a cool outfit in itself, but adding a blue, leather biker jacket and silver, ankle-cuffed stilettos take this whole ensemble to a banging level. 

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/KellyRowland

Super Fly has nothing on Miss Kelly!  If you have ever needed a definition of a “bad chick,” just reference the picture above.  Kelly is crushing with this layered coat look.  The black on grey breaks up the monotony of the whole look and gives it a sleek, June Ambrose (Google her) vibe.  Kelly reigns!   
Peep out some more of Kelly’s astonishing looks below.  Let us know which one is your favorite and why.

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/lastnitelooks



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