Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Style Crush: Shiona Turini

"In college, during a summer internship, I took my first paycheck, walked into Versace and bought a pair of nude leather mules. I didn’t have money for food for two weeks and I was completely at peace with that."  This ladies, was spoken by the Fashion Guru herself; Shiona Turini.

Shiona Turini, former Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan, eats, breathes, and is fashion.  She understands the depths of the art and makes it come together to create masterpieces.  Shiona has held several positions in the fashion industry including working right alongside fashion greats like American fashion designer Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of Vouge Paris and founder and editor-in-chief of the CR Fashion Book. 

In a recent article with www.thecoveteur.com, Shiona reveals some of her fashion favorites such as Alaïa and admits that she would love to trade closets with Diana Ross, Josephine Baker, and Grace Jones.  Shiona also admits that most of her fashion purchases are crazy, and she uses some of her finds as décor for her pad (she’s such a fashionable Michelangelo).  Check out her Balenciaga shoes strategically planted on her bookshelf below.    

Photo Credit. Thecoveteur.com. Retrieved January 8, 2015. http://www.thecoveteur.com/shiona-turini-fashion-market-director-cosmopolitan/
Shiona Turini is currently shutting the fashion game down.  If you still have not figured out the true definition of style by now, we have six lessons below that will school you and have you up-to-par.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

Shiona is the queen of crop tops, and she knows how to wear them.  For instance, pairing a simple black, crop top with a studded leather midi skirt is so necessary!  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Shiona is super gangster clad in this black and white ensemble.  Wearing a scarf over her mouth while sporting a girly outfit screams swag!  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Her casual and classy combinations are on point.  Shiona makes this statement t-shirt look chic. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

This coat will make us slap an old lady!  It is so Parisian; high-fashion at its best!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

Sometimes too much leopard will make you say hmmmmm, but not on Shiona.  She makes leopard on leopard look stylish.  Choosing gold pumps instead of black ones for this ensemble was genius.  It breaks up the monotony of the leopard.  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Shiona can hang with the boys and still look feminine.  This tuxedo dress is fabulous.  It is a different look from the regular cocktail dresses and it screams “boss!”  Every girl should own one.  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Oh and she hangs with Solange (see Shiona in the blue).  Whoever hangs with Solange is a fashion beast!  
To check out more of Shiona’s looks, visit her Instagram page @shionat. 
Are you feeling Shiona’s style?  What is your favorite piece from the looks above? 

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