Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Throwing Shade....

This is the type of skirt you wear when you want to strut your stuff and throw onlookers the "side-eye"......also known as - SHADE!
We ladies love a good skirt, especially a fun one that is faux leather!  The Shade Skater Skirt is so versatile and easy to throw on.  It can go with any color or any style top.  You can create a high-waist look with this skirt or pull it low on your waist to make sure your backside won't show.  You can pull off a sophisticated vibe with this skirt by pairing it with heels or create a grunge look by matching it up with sneakers or combat boots. 

Skater skirts are a timeless trend, and it is a must that each lady have at least one in her closet.  To have the Shade Skater Skirt in your closet....go to

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