Friday, December 26, 2014

It's the Winter's Turn

 There is nothing more precious than a vintage, mink coat!  Your outfit can be as plain as day, but when you add an exquisite piece like a mink coat to the whole look, your outfit will speak volumes.  To complete this outfit, all that was needed was some worn jeans, over-the-knee boots, and a black tee.  This is the ultimate "rich-girl" look.      

Outfit Details:  Vintage Mink Coat // Gap Crew-neck Tee // BDG Jeans // Steve Madden Boots

Friday, December 19, 2014

Bow to the Brows

Whether you wear makeup or not, brows are always the center of attention.  They top off any fierce, fashion outfit. 

This look was created for a Fall photo shoot.  I wanted to do a soft and natural look to match the wardrobe of the shoot.  To get this exact brow look, use a dark brown eye shadow and a small angle brush: start at the top lining of the brows to form the shape and extend downward and out to form the arch. Always keep in mind to never extend past the edge of your eye. Lastly, blend from bottom to top to complete the brow process.  After all of this is done, take a step back and Bow to the Brows. 

By Style Academy Student, Cekeisha (@see_key_sha) 

Lebron 12: The Ultimate Kicks

Photo Credit. 

The Nike Lebron 12 tennis shoes are coming out sooner than you think - today, December 19, 2014!  These shoes retail for $200 and would be a great gift for the holidays.  

I am loving these kicks because the colors allow you to match them with anything; great thinking Lebron!  Shoes that allow you to wear almost any color with them are genius.  My ideal outfit with these kicks would be a neon yellow tie-dye shirt, baby blue skinny jeans, and a black and neon pink bucket hat.  

Photo Credit. 

By Style Academy Student, Lakiya

Blogging with the Style Academy

The FLM had the pleasure of discussing the art of blogging yesterday with the Style Academy class that is headed by Stylist Elle Marie (@ellemarie_llc).  We laced them with the basics of blogging and emphasized staying true to their passions.

The girls were very talented, insightful, and ready to express their perspectives on fashion and beauty in the blogging world.  So we allowed them to publish their first blog on here!  Check them out above!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miss Little Black Bob

Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

Bobbing but obviously not weaving (her hair is real); Miss Little Black Bob is spicing up social media with her stoic fashion and her perfectly shaped bob hairdo. Her style coupled with her sleek mane makes her an interesting subject to follow. 

We are digging the way she intertwines her fashion with her hairstyle and that she keeps both of those elements simple and sassy.  Miss LBB vibes off neutral colors like black and brown.  She keeps her looks to a minimum by adding little to no accessories except for her always flawlessly, beat bob. Check out six reasons below why she has been crowned as our style crush this week. 

1. She killed this textured look and completed it with leather knee boots over leather pants; a very difficult look to conquer, but she did that.  Oh, and her hair was laid!  

 Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

2. She takes “all black everything” to a new level by incorporating black lipstick, a black dress, boots, and her black, jazzy hair!

  Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

3.  She made exercising look sexy and fashionable in the Alexander Wang and H&M dress.  Pairing sneakers with this sporty dress was genius.  It showed the dress’ versatility.  The fact that her hair swung perfectly while she was running, makes us want to kidnap her and demand she tells us her hair secrets!  

   Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

4. She color blocks effortlessly but fiercely!  Check out her purple pencil skirt and turquoise heels below. 

 Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

5.  She fuses edgy with classy and makes it work.  

  Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

6.  She is not afraid to mix a little color in her wardrobe every now and then.

 Photo Credit. Retrieved November 15, 2014.

To see more of Little Black Bob’s bold style and perfect hair visit www. or check her out on Instagram - @littleblackbob.  Also, leave a comment below and let us know which one of these looks are you favorite and why. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fly Girl Mentality

A faux leather, metallic cap?  Don't mind if we do!  We love any type of fashion that represents a hip hop vibe, and this cap does just that.  It was only right that we paired this cutie with a bold red lip, a gold chain, and some outlandish gold hoops - the ultimate "around the way" girl style.

Check out the other cool colors that are available on!