Sunday, November 16, 2014

Solange is Art

This is breathtaking.  This is much more than fashion; this is art. Solange knows just how to stand out from a crowd and do her.  We are in awe.  Below are two pictures from her and Alan Ferguson's wedding this past weekend in New Orleans.  The first picture is of the jumpsuit she wore for her actual ceremony, and the other is of the dress she wore for her wedding photos.  If you love art and fashion, then you can appreciate Solange's perspective on both.

 We are going crazy over this photo below.  It's so artistic and powerful.  Solange is definitely the MVP!  We love this dress she chose for her pictures.  It is non-traditional, and it covered her whole body.  This is a statement; especially in a time where being naked is popular.  Empower us Solange!

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