Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fashion Free Girl (in Chokolat Creme)

There is nothing like being free to wear what you want to wear and not care what anyone says.  That is liberation and what The FLM represents!  Sometimes fashion does not have to be serious and stoic.  There are so many avenues to fashion.  It can be many things such as fun and flirty; hence the style presented in this blog. 

We love girls who have their own sense of self and do what feels good to them.  Miss Enocha is the epitome of a fashion free girl!  She rocks her confidence and has her own sense of style.  To see her looks on display, check out her blog at

In the photos featured on this page, she is dolled up in our very own Chokolat Creme Boss Crop Top and Carrie Skirt.  This outfit fits her so well; figuratively and literally!  See more of Miss Enocha in our gear below.  To purchase either of these pieces go to  See you online! 

Photo Credit.  Locks and Trinkets. Retrieved September 11, 2014.


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