Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall, Where Art Thou??

Photo Credit. Retrieved August 30, 2014

We cannot wait for fall!!  Not because of football season (ugh), not because of Halloween (as if), but because of the fashion!!!  Don't get us twisted; we love spring time and summer is fun, but the fall season is when we get to wear fierce stiletto boots and modish trench coats that cover up distressed t-shirts and sleek jeans.  We are giddy with excitement!

Photo Credit: Retrieved August 30, 2014 

During this glorious season that God created (obviously with fashion on His marvelous mind), you can layer your shirts, go with a cool boho style by wearing a long sweater coat over an everyday look, or mix summer staples with fall staples like the beauty did above with her jean shorts, long sleeve shirt, and booties.  Your fall wardrobe has the potential to possess endless possibilities depending on your geographical location.  

Photo Credit. Retrieved August 30, 2014

We are predicting a lot of two piece outfits for the fall (as seen above). This trend was booming this summer, and we see no reason for it to exit the fashion world just yet.  Besides, if it's not booming this fall, we will still rock this trend.  After all, we are fashionably liberated....duh. 

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