Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easy Style

There is something about this creation that caught our attention.  This style doesn't jump off the picture at first glance, some will have to do a double take to appreciate this art.  But nevertheless, it is banging. 

We are not a total fan of the 90s inspired shoes as of yet, but the shoes above are making us think twice.  This whole outfit screams cool.  From the 90s inspired shoes and skort, (shorts and skirt combined) to the stripe crop tee and camel-colored coat, we are digging it.  As you can see from the ensemble above, fashion is not always complicated sometimes it is as easy as pairing neutral colors together.

This is the perfect outfit to wear to an all-girls outing because it is chic and flexible.     

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Go Green

Incorporating vibrant hues such as pinks, greens, blues, reds, etc. is a fashion do.  This Fall, mixing loud colors will be popular.  We love the look above because it is girlie, sporty, different, and it catches the eye.  Also, we adore that she has on our all-time favorite tennis shoes - Chuck Taylor All Stars.     

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hurricanes Jay-Z and Beyonce` Hit New Orleans

The lights dimmed. The crowd went berserk. The big screen flickered with images of two of the most popular people on the planet. The crowd went berserk. The beat to “Bonnie and Clyde ’03″ filled the speakers. The crowd went berserk. July 20th, 2014, around 9:30 ish p.m., New Orleans was hit by yet another hurricane; two hurricanes. These hurricanes had more people smiling than crying, there were sound waves instead of water waves, and the hurricanes didn’t stay as long as the previous ones; they were On The Run.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé ripped through New Orleans like no other duo-act before. Now don’t get it twisted, there have been some big acts to bless the Superdome stage, but this one definitely claimed its spot in the top 5.

Jay-Z brought his Brooklyn swag all the way to the Dirty South, rolling out hit after hit from each of his platinum albums. The crowd swayed side to side on “Hard Knock Life," got sentimental on “Song Cry”, booted up on “Big Pimpin’, and mugged their imaginary enemies on “Clique.”

After all of that hoopla from Jay-Z, Mrs. Carter had to spice it up - and you know New Orleans loves spice!  She gave the crowd 250%!  She strutted and shook her fanny all across that stage.  She gave enticing facial expressions for each song, making the crowd feel each tune she spat out.  If her videos don't prove it, her live performances surely display that Beyonce` is a true performer at heart.  Let's not even start on her wardrobe for the scenes!  Our favorite look was her costume designed by Michael Costello (seen below this paragraph).  That girl knows she is fierce!       

Individually Jay-Z and Beyonce` are phenomenal, collectively they are a force!  When they performed their hits together or when Beyonce` sang hooks to Jay-Z’s songs, it seemed as if their union was truly meant to be.  Who else could make Jay-Z’s songs sound so soulful?  Who else could put a little gangster in Bey’s girlie, pop tunes?  No one! 

To make an already excellent show perfect, the Carters gave the crowd more insight into their difficult, yet normal lives.  On the big screen (during their costume changes), they shared not only fictional images, but real images of their loved-ones and most precious moments in their lives including their wedding day and the birth of their daughter.  The video assured the audience that those skillful creatures that just blew the stage up were real people, with real issues, and real love.  It was truly a heart-wrenching, relieving moment.  

If you haven’t experienced a Jay-Z or Beyonce` concert, add it to your bucket list immediately.  This concert is not only for the love of hip hop or music; it is for the appreciation of the craft and talent.  These two performers are serious about their art, and they have perfected it to please millions of people.  They deserve every accolade they receive. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and practice every dance move I saw Beyonce` doing.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Print it

Print blazers are popping.  Actually, print everything is currently hot.  Prints are not for the faint of fashion.  If you are skeptical about what to wear with prints, keep it simple.  However, if you love taking fashion risks, have fun mixing prints but remember to allow one print to be big and keep the other print small.  For instance, if we wanted to mix a print with the outfit above, we would probably choose some pants with small stripes.  Having two different size prints helps with the continuity of mixing.  If all of this confuses you, just do a solid color with your print like the doll did above, and you will still look like a fashion rock star! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Suga Mama

Jumpsuits are one of our favorite frocks.  The thing we dig the most about jumpsuits is when you wear them, you only have to find shoes and accessories to match.  You do not have to worry about finding a pair of pants or shirt to complete the outfit.  The jumpsuit (in most cases) is enough.  This takes the stress off of putting together the perfect ensemble. 

Outfit Details:  Suga Mama Jumpsuit // Ceriwiel Shoes // Aldo Purse // Blue Sunglasses 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ladies, Boss Up.

"Boy you know you love it how we're smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business."  - Beyonce`. 

Girls, we really do run the world.  Women are natural-born hustlers.  We possess so much power and can do so much when we put our minds and energy to work.  This simple, yet powerful tank top represents the lady who is taking charge of her destiny, handling her business, and encouraging other women to do the same.

Ladies, Boss Up - period!  

Outfit Details:  Boss Up. Tank // High-waisted Matelot Denim Shorts // Dianna Booties // Round Sunglasses

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Red Family

We don't see too many fashionistas mixing colors in the same family.  If we do spot this trend, it is usually done with denims and blues.  However, we love the infusion of red hues.  It is totally chic.  This outfit is also intriguing because it looks so comfortable yet stylish; a perfect combination. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sporty Chic

THE T-shirt Dress is the perfect sporty outfit for the chic of the chic.  Sometimes a girl wants to dress down and be comfortable but still look totally fabulous while doing so; THE T-shirt Dress is the dress for that girl.  This dress gives you a feminine look while at the same time playing to your athletic side.  Get this dress and more at     

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Neon Kick

What better way to make a statement than to wear neon yellow pumps??  Ladies, neon colors are hot and can be worn with just about any color.  Neon yellow pumps (or any other neon colored pump) can turn a simple outfit into a stylish ensemble or make a complex outfit even more edgy.  When you walk into a room with neon colored pumps on, the attention automatically goes to your feet.  With shoes this hot and bright on your feet, are clothes even necessary??  Check out some examples below on how to rock these illuminating heels.     

Thursday, July 3, 2014

With Style and Grace...

It does not get any more liberating than Grace Jones!  We loved her androgenous style that she made look super sexy.  Her fashions were ahead of her time.  Grace stood out during an era when it was not cool to wear outlandish makeup, sport male haircuts, and wear masculine threads.  She worked tailored, male suits with no bra underneath like it was nobody's business: a trend that is popular today.      Grace is the true definition of beauty which is being comfortable in your own skin.  Grace Jones is the epitome of liberation.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Simple White

All white outfits do not have to be complex.  White dresses and rompers are nice and look classy, but sometimes it is hard to locate the perfect white dress or romper for a white affair; this is when you begin to think simple.  A nice white tee and white pants can be as fierce as a white dress.  The key to making this outfit work (like the fly honey did above) is finding a nice white tee that has a silk-like feel and preferably some white pants, not jeans.  The white pants give it a smoother/dressier look as opposed to white jeans which will give it a casual look.  Adding a hat or some fly colored heels will take the outfit to the next level.  Try it!