Friday, June 20, 2014

Whites Only (this title is only permitted in fashion and laundry)

We just fell out and woke back up.  This fabulousness should be against the law!  Ladies it is the season for whites.  There will be plenty of "all white" parties to crash this summer; if and when you do decide to sashay into one of these events - this is how you should do it.  At these parties, so many ladies will have on the usual white body-conscious dresses that do not allow exhalation (not to mention inhalation).  Now don't get us wrong, a good body-con dress will make your 2-step look more seductive, and they are oh so sassy.  However, stand apart from the crowd this time and kill them with a jumpsuit like the one above.  Those body-con, dress-wearing girls won't know what hit them!

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