Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Black Carrie Bradshaw

It is electrifying to channel Carrie Bradshaw from the best romantic comedy series in the universe – Sex and the City.  The opening scene on the show where Carrie is fabulously slaying the streets of Manhattan in her tutu, right before water is splashed on her ensemble, will forever be etched in most fashion junkies’ minds.  When the salsa-like, opening song hits the speakers of the television, fashion addicts immediately whip their heads in the tube’s direction; our drug has arrived.  We carefully study that opening scene like it is the first time we have ever watched it because we are overjoyed the show is about to come on, and we are also trying to figure out how Carrie made a tutu look so freaking chic!  Well ladies, it’s a style thing. 
Working the tutu skirt is very simple.  After researching several looks that include the tutu skirt, we found that simple is better.  When the shirt is toned down and the tutu is the focal point, the outfit is not considered too much.  Some examples of toned-down shirts are solid colored tops, graphic tops, striped tops, or simple blouses.  Shirts that will probably confuse the outfit are ones that have ruffles, too much beading, etc.  Enjoy more views of the "Carrie Skirt" below.  To purchase, go to www.chokolatcreme.com.        

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