Monday, June 16, 2014

Reinvent Your Wardrobe!

Ladies, shopping is one of our favorite pastimes.  We look forward to seeing our closet fill up with new threads.  The exciting feeling of new clothes keeps us looking forward to the next event because we already have an idea of what we can wear.  Yet, what happens when the money runs low and you cannot shop as often as you would like?  You recreate your current wardrobe!
Reinventing your wardrobe can give you a new perspective on old clothes.  If you are getting tired of an old shirt that you have worn umpteen times do not throw it away; simply cut the neck or the sleeves off the shirt to give it a new look.  You can also cut the bottom of the shirt and then you will have a crop top.  The “worn” look is popular in fashion so the older the shirt, the better. 

Another way to reinvent your wardrobe is to cut old jeans (that may not fit you properly in leg) and create cut-off shorts.  You can make the shorts any desirable length (thigh-length, knee-length, etc.).  If the jeans do fit you properly but they are a bit worn, use a razor or box cutter and slice them up.  You can also pour some bleach on them and give them a totally new and cool look. 

If cutting or slicing isn’t your expertise, try pairing new colors together.  We are in the season of color-blocking; combining colors that you have never worn together will be a new fashion experience.  If you have always worn your blue skirt with your white top, switch it up and wear your blue skirt with a green top this time.

You can also reinvent your workout wardrobe by using fashion leggings that you no longer wear to compliment your workout look.  Picture your leopard leggings, tennis shoes, and tank top while you run on the treadmill – you will be the most fashionable lady sweating in the gym! 
As you have read, reinventing your wardrobe can give you that new look without emptying your pockets.  Shopping is our first choice but when shopping is not an option; reinvent. 

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