Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get Your Closet in Order!

Your closet is your sanctuary - your place of peace and serenity.  When the world has let you down and no one understands your troubles, this is your place of solitude.  Therefore, the feng shui in this place should promote positivity so that your creative juices can flow when you enter into its graces.  Okay let's cut the crap.  In other words, organizing your closet is essential in creating your best fashion ensembles.

Have you ever done a Tasmanian Devil spin in your closet trying to find the best outfit for a last minute event only to find a cool shirt or pair of pants that you forgot you had or a dress that you needed to give away in when the Cosby Show was popular? Yep, that definitely means it is time to reorganize your closet.   

Organizing your closet saves you time and keeps your creative, fashion juices flowing.  It allows you to know exactly what you have and do not have and what you need to purchase or give away. 
There are a few ways that you can organize your closet.  The method you choose will depend on your style and your space. The most popular closet organization method is “seasonal coordination” because it allows you to divide your clothes based on the seasons of the year.  In one section you can have your spring clothes and in another section your fall clothes, etc.  When the seasons change, you will know exactly what section to turn to. 

Color coordination is another way of organizing your closet.  If you are big on colors, this is the strategy for you.  All your whites can be in one section, your blues in the dresser, and your purples on the shelves.  So if you are feeling blue one day, you know exactly what section includes the apparel that satisfies that feeling. 

Occasion coordination divides your closet up into your daily activities such as, workout gear, church wear, professional wear, casual events, nightlife, etc.  Got a party Saturday night?  Dig into your nightlife section and pick out the perfect ensemble for the event without having to navigate through Nike tights, church dresses, and pant suits.  
Having an organized closet will make your fashion journey much easier and lower your stress level when it is time to seek out that perfect outfit.  You may also discover a piece of clothing article that you forgot you had or that’s back in style.  So what are you waiting for?  Get to organizing!!!  

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