Sunday, June 29, 2014

BET Awards 2014 Fashion

The BET Awards 2014 had us swaying our heads, shaking our heads, bobbing our heads, and scratching our heads; however, in all we were satisfied.  

Now that all of the hoopla is over with, let's get to the real reason why we wait patiently each year for the BET Awards - the fashion! 

Below are some of our favorite fashions from the BET Awards 2014.  The ladies below brought the fire for this year's show.  Enjoy! 

Adrienne Bailon - Her silhouette was everything in this dress!  The material and the way it hugs her body makes it fabulous!

 Keke Palmer - Yesss Keke!  This is a different look and it works!   

Kerry Washington - Flower prints are popular these days, and Kerry sure pulled this look off.  It is so her; classy, prim, and proper.

Amber Rose - This is perfect.  Not too much but still very sexy. 

Tinashe - We always love different.  Even though we prefer dresses on red carpets, this look captured us because it is edgy.  We live for edgy. 

Raven Goodwin - Give 'em something girl!  We love the black and white with a hint of orange.  Even though we would have made the length a little bit longer, this is still such a nice look on her! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

In the 90s...

Ahhhh the 90s.....such a cool era it was.  The music was popping, the economy was booming, gas prices were not an issue, and the fashion was liberating.  It is not a surprise that fashion is going back to that era (gas prices can you do the same?).

Crop tops, baggy jeans, and clunky shoes have invaded the style world once again - and we are making no bones about it.  We especially love the "showing your boxer briefs" style (displayed above) which was perfected by the late singer Aaliyah.  This style is urban-sexy, and it says "I am a chic tomboy."  Check out another 90s inspired outfit below.  This 90s fashion has us stoked!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Black Carrie Bradshaw

It is electrifying to channel Carrie Bradshaw from the best romantic comedy series in the universe – Sex and the City.  The opening scene on the show where Carrie is fabulously slaying the streets of Manhattan in her tutu, right before water is splashed on her ensemble, will forever be etched in most fashion junkies’ minds.  When the salsa-like, opening song hits the speakers of the television, fashion addicts immediately whip their heads in the tube’s direction; our drug has arrived.  We carefully study that opening scene like it is the first time we have ever watched it because we are overjoyed the show is about to come on, and we are also trying to figure out how Carrie made a tutu look so freaking chic!  Well ladies, it’s a style thing. 
Working the tutu skirt is very simple.  After researching several looks that include the tutu skirt, we found that simple is better.  When the shirt is toned down and the tutu is the focal point, the outfit is not considered too much.  Some examples of toned-down shirts are solid colored tops, graphic tops, striped tops, or simple blouses.  Shirts that will probably confuse the outfit are ones that have ruffles, too much beading, etc.  Enjoy more views of the "Carrie Skirt" below.  To purchase, go to        

Friday, June 20, 2014

Whites Only (this title is only permitted in fashion and laundry)

We just fell out and woke back up.  This fabulousness should be against the law!  Ladies it is the season for whites.  There will be plenty of "all white" parties to crash this summer; if and when you do decide to sashay into one of these events - this is how you should do it.  At these parties, so many ladies will have on the usual white body-conscious dresses that do not allow exhalation (not to mention inhalation).  Now don't get us wrong, a good body-con dress will make your 2-step look more seductive, and they are oh so sassy.  However, stand apart from the crowd this time and kill them with a jumpsuit like the one above.  Those body-con, dress-wearing girls won't know what hit them!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blazing in Blazers

There is just something about blazers.  Add one of these stylish frocks to any bland outfit and poof - a fashion statement is born.  There are different types of blazers such as the tuxedo blazer, the short and tailored blazer, the oversized blazer, and the collarless blazer.  Each of these blazers work with most outfits.  The versatility of the blazer is the reason why this item should be a staple in your closet.  Wear it over a wrap dress to work for a business look, or wear it with a mini dress for a tasteful, sexy night look.  Our personal favorite look with blazers is the one below.  Blazers, jeans, and heels are such a chic threesome!  This look says I am a cool and comfortable fashionista.

One of the reasons why we love this look is because it is appropriate for almost any occasion. In need of something to wear for casual day at the office, to a dinner date with a cutie, or to a girls' night at your favorite sushi spot?  Look no further - a blazer coupled with a pair of jeans, leggings, or a skirt will be fitting for each of these events.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Reinvent Your Wardrobe!

Ladies, shopping is one of our favorite pastimes.  We look forward to seeing our closet fill up with new threads.  The exciting feeling of new clothes keeps us looking forward to the next event because we already have an idea of what we can wear.  Yet, what happens when the money runs low and you cannot shop as often as you would like?  You recreate your current wardrobe!
Reinventing your wardrobe can give you a new perspective on old clothes.  If you are getting tired of an old shirt that you have worn umpteen times do not throw it away; simply cut the neck or the sleeves off the shirt to give it a new look.  You can also cut the bottom of the shirt and then you will have a crop top.  The “worn” look is popular in fashion so the older the shirt, the better. 

Another way to reinvent your wardrobe is to cut old jeans (that may not fit you properly in leg) and create cut-off shorts.  You can make the shorts any desirable length (thigh-length, knee-length, etc.).  If the jeans do fit you properly but they are a bit worn, use a razor or box cutter and slice them up.  You can also pour some bleach on them and give them a totally new and cool look. 

If cutting or slicing isn’t your expertise, try pairing new colors together.  We are in the season of color-blocking; combining colors that you have never worn together will be a new fashion experience.  If you have always worn your blue skirt with your white top, switch it up and wear your blue skirt with a green top this time.

You can also reinvent your workout wardrobe by using fashion leggings that you no longer wear to compliment your workout look.  Picture your leopard leggings, tennis shoes, and tank top while you run on the treadmill – you will be the most fashionable lady sweating in the gym! 
As you have read, reinventing your wardrobe can give you that new look without emptying your pockets.  Shopping is our first choice but when shopping is not an option; reinvent. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get Your Closet in Order!

Your closet is your sanctuary - your place of peace and serenity.  When the world has let you down and no one understands your troubles, this is your place of solitude.  Therefore, the feng shui in this place should promote positivity so that your creative juices can flow when you enter into its graces.  Okay let's cut the crap.  In other words, organizing your closet is essential in creating your best fashion ensembles.

Have you ever done a Tasmanian Devil spin in your closet trying to find the best outfit for a last minute event only to find a cool shirt or pair of pants that you forgot you had or a dress that you needed to give away in when the Cosby Show was popular? Yep, that definitely means it is time to reorganize your closet.   

Organizing your closet saves you time and keeps your creative, fashion juices flowing.  It allows you to know exactly what you have and do not have and what you need to purchase or give away. 
There are a few ways that you can organize your closet.  The method you choose will depend on your style and your space. The most popular closet organization method is “seasonal coordination” because it allows you to divide your clothes based on the seasons of the year.  In one section you can have your spring clothes and in another section your fall clothes, etc.  When the seasons change, you will know exactly what section to turn to. 

Color coordination is another way of organizing your closet.  If you are big on colors, this is the strategy for you.  All your whites can be in one section, your blues in the dresser, and your purples on the shelves.  So if you are feeling blue one day, you know exactly what section includes the apparel that satisfies that feeling. 

Occasion coordination divides your closet up into your daily activities such as, workout gear, church wear, professional wear, casual events, nightlife, etc.  Got a party Saturday night?  Dig into your nightlife section and pick out the perfect ensemble for the event without having to navigate through Nike tights, church dresses, and pant suits.  
Having an organized closet will make your fashion journey much easier and lower your stress level when it is time to seek out that perfect outfit.  You may also discover a piece of clothing article that you forgot you had or that’s back in style.  So what are you waiting for?  Get to organizing!!!  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cookout Fresh

Summer, summer, summertime (cue Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s popular jam) is near, and you know what that means — backyard cookouts! Ladies, the grill does not need to be the only thing sizzling at these affairs; you need to be hot too!

As usual, we are here to help you keep it cool, fiery, and cute all at the same time. Check out the looks below to give you some ideas on the proper attire for summer fun.


 1.  The floral dress

 2.  The floral jumpsuit

 3.  White off-the-shoulder flowing dress

 4.  The print skirt

 5.  Mid-thigh length shorts

 6.  Spaghetti strap white dress

7.  Cut-off, mid-thigh shorts

These looks can be found at or  

Thursday, June 5, 2014



"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.  Life's a bitch.  You've got to go out and kick ass." - Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Orange Moon....Bright



This Summer is going to need a pop of color....and we are prepared! 

Outfit Details:  Sweet Thing Bodysuit // Pop Peplum Skirt // Aldo Pumps (old)

Monday, June 2, 2014

His Shirt, Her Statement

Did we tell you guys that we adored oversized shirt dresses?  We'll if we didn't, then we are telling you now!  Oversized shirt dresses are one of the sexiest fashion statements.  When ladies put their man's collar shirt on to lounge around in, it looks so chic and cool.  So why not add heels to it and make it a complete outfit like the doll did above?!  This look is so Fifth Avenue, New York *sighs*.