Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stylin' on 'em.......literally.

Ladies, meet J. Bolin; aka "The Chosen one."  This is one of the few reasons why we love social media.  It allows us to tap into the lives of people who are making major moves in the fashion industry, and believe us when we say, "J. Bolin is making big moves!"

We ran up on this creative human from following Sarah Jakes (author and daughter of  Bishop TD Jakes) on Instagram.  When we clicked on his page, we were instantly intrigued.  We began studying his fashion art which we discovered is bold and tasteful.  J. Bolin's styles say, "I'm graceful, I'm a woman, and I keep it sexy, edgy, and classy...simultaneously."  What we love so much about J. Bolin's styles is that they are risqué enough for a night out on the town and at the same time appropriate for Sunday service.  This is what we call versatile fashion.

J. Bolin's resume is beyond impressive.  He's worked with celebrities such as Niecy Nash, Sarah Jakes (as mentioned above), and Keisha Knight Pulliam just to name a few.  His work has been featured in many magazines and in Vogue Italia on line!  Sweeeeeeeet!

We are more than confident that this mastermind will be even more prominent in the fashion world very soon.  Check out some of his work below.  Also, follow him on Instagram (@stylistjbolin).  You will definitely get your fashion addiction fed!

Source:  www.stylistjbolin.com

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