Monday, April 21, 2014

No More Pastels for Easter

Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Day, is a traditional, religious holiday in millions of households. Families come together to celebrate this momentous occasion by worshipping together, eating good food, and by putting on a fashion show for one another.  Easter is the perfect time to put on your best Sunday attire and strut down the church aisle like you have been touched by God Himself!  
Gone are the days, ladies, when our mothers would dress us up in pink pastel colors, with ruffle socks, hard-toe, buckle shoes, hats that tied around our necks and itched the Hell out of us, and gloves that had snags in them by the time the choir sang the first verse of “He’s Risen.”  
Nowadays, we can keep it simple for Easter, and we can wear whatever color we like (take that Moms)! Any color goes for Easter.  You can go with the traditional pastels, or you can switch it up and be bold with neon colors.  Don’t forget about the traditional black and white; these colors are fitting for any occasion.  
For future Easters, don’t worry about the color traditions or prints.  Follow your taste and either keep it simple or branch out.  It’s all about doing you and being comfortable with your fashion choices.  

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