Tuesday, April 1, 2014

La Muse...

Scrolling through fashion looks earlier today, everything seemed so blah.  Nothing was giving us energy or motivation.  We just knew the fashion world had pulled an April Fool's prank on us today.  Then the picture above happened.  It wowed us!  It instantly gave us inspiration!  Everything about this outfit works.  It is pure fashion art.  The print on the skirt is breathtaking.  The shirt makes the outfit very interesting and daring.  We love that she kept the color scheme going by doing the black and white shirt which brings out the black and white in her skirt and the blue heels which matches her skirt also.  It's like she color-blocked but matched!  That's incredibly weird, and we adore it!!  Seeing this ensemble has encouraged us to create!  The movement lives on!!!!!!  

Click here to get the details on this outfit, to see more looks from this doll, and to discover why she is much more than a fashion prodigy. 

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