Sunday, April 13, 2014

French Quarter Fresh.....

Coachella who?  Please don't sleep on the French Quarter Festival (FQF) in the Crescent City (New Orleans, LA). The food is intoxicating, the people are deranged and hilarious, the daiquiris make you curse, and the music will have you second lining all up and down those uneven streets!  We know what you're thinking, "California weather beats all of that."  That's July, but during the FQF the weather is Heaven sent.  There's a breeze, and it doesn't feel how it usually does when it's warm - like a sauna.

So let's get to the real reason we are all here - the fashion.  The fashion at the FQF was on point as usual. There were prints and sundresses galore roaming those narrow streets.  We spotted this cutie in a festival-ready jumper that had a slamming print.  See her styling below. 

Outfit Details:  Aztec Print Jumper - Blink Boutique, N.O.L.A // Cross-body handbag - Forever 21 // Sandals - Forever 21 

The weather was so perfect that a faux leather peplum top wasn't too much!  See below. 

Outfit Details:  Faux Leather Peplum - Forever 21 // High-Waist Shorts - Urban Outfitters // Sandals - Bakers Shoes // Cross-body purse - Forever 21 

Photo Credit:  Two Clipz - Instagram: @twoclipz

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