Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ball so Hard...

Mixing a sporty look with a feminine vibe is the way to go. It gives a girl that sexy/cool look which is always fly.  This look can be pulled off with baseball jerseys, football shirts, or basketball jerseys/bodysuits; as pictured above.  Just add some feminine jeans, leggings, skirt, and/or even a hat to the mix, and you've created your sporty, chic look.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let it Flow...

Flowing, pleated skirts are the "it" fad this season, and Chokolat Creme took this trend and made it our own!  Check out our custom-made Dakota Skirt at  The material on this skirt drapes so nice!  It is perfect for the summer weather but still heavy enough for the cold months.  We love these skirts because they are appropriate for any age group and can easily be toned down or jazzed up.  They can also work for any setting be it work, church, night-life, or day-life.  Get your tailored skirt now!!   

Outfit Details:  Chokolat Creme Boss Crop Top // THE Dakota Skirt // KC-EXCIT Shoes

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cool White

Be a cool Boss in white this Summer.  Chokolat Creme Boss Tanks are available in new colors!  Shop now!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Take it Back

We got to take it back to that "Round-the-way girl" era.  Not only because of the fashion, but because of the attitudes ladies possessed then.  The fly girls were bossing up, popping their gum, not taking any crap, and just plain ole fresh!  Chokolat Creme exemplifies that generation!  Boss up or get left -

Monday, April 21, 2014

No More Pastels for Easter

Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Day, is a traditional, religious holiday in millions of households. Families come together to celebrate this momentous occasion by worshipping together, eating good food, and by putting on a fashion show for one another.  Easter is the perfect time to put on your best Sunday attire and strut down the church aisle like you have been touched by God Himself!  
Gone are the days, ladies, when our mothers would dress us up in pink pastel colors, with ruffle socks, hard-toe, buckle shoes, hats that tied around our necks and itched the Hell out of us, and gloves that had snags in them by the time the choir sang the first verse of “He’s Risen.”  
Nowadays, we can keep it simple for Easter, and we can wear whatever color we like (take that Moms)! Any color goes for Easter.  You can go with the traditional pastels, or you can switch it up and be bold with neon colors.  Don’t forget about the traditional black and white; these colors are fitting for any occasion.  
For future Easters, don’t worry about the color traditions or prints.  Follow your taste and either keep it simple or branch out.  It’s all about doing you and being comfortable with your fashion choices.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Like a boss...

Bright lights and loud colors: what else is there to life?  The Chokolat Creme Neon Yellow Boss Tank is available now!  Click here to get the meaning behind the name Chokolat Creme and to get your tank top today! #bossup #ladyhustlers #chokolatcreme

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bow down to the bow tie...

Move over men, we are taking over bow ties too!  Okay ladies, it's time to get your bow tie game up!  Bow ties add spice to a plain button-down shirt, and they give your outfit that crisp look.  Have fun with them and try exotic prints like leopard or hot colors like pink or yellow.  Or you can always keep it simple with a black one (see pictures).  Remember, simplicity is resounding.  Cheers to bow ties *raises champagne flute in the air*!

Outfit Details:  Blue Jean Button-down shirt - H&M // Bow tie - // Polka Dot Skirt - Forever 21 // Pump - Aldo Shoes

Sunday, April 13, 2014

French Quarter Fresh.....

Coachella who?  Please don't sleep on the French Quarter Festival (FQF) in the Crescent City (New Orleans, LA). The food is intoxicating, the people are deranged and hilarious, the daiquiris make you curse, and the music will have you second lining all up and down those uneven streets!  We know what you're thinking, "California weather beats all of that."  That's July, but during the FQF the weather is Heaven sent.  There's a breeze, and it doesn't feel how it usually does when it's warm - like a sauna.

So let's get to the real reason we are all here - the fashion.  The fashion at the FQF was on point as usual. There were prints and sundresses galore roaming those narrow streets.  We spotted this cutie in a festival-ready jumper that had a slamming print.  See her styling below. 

Outfit Details:  Aztec Print Jumper - Blink Boutique, N.O.L.A // Cross-body handbag - Forever 21 // Sandals - Forever 21 

The weather was so perfect that a faux leather peplum top wasn't too much!  See below. 

Outfit Details:  Faux Leather Peplum - Forever 21 // High-Waist Shorts - Urban Outfitters // Sandals - Bakers Shoes // Cross-body purse - Forever 21 

Photo Credit:  Two Clipz - Instagram: @twoclipz

Friday, April 11, 2014

Can I get some heels with a side of skirt, please?

Skirts, skirts, and more skirts are happening now!  Every girl needs at least two skirts in her closet.  Why?  Because they are versatile, lady-like, and fun!  Skirts can be dressed up or down. They come in all lengths from mini to sweeping the floor, and they can fit snug or as loose as you want them to be.

Lately, we have been seeing the skirt trend all up and through the fashion world.  The top five types of skirts we have fallen in love with are below.

1.  The Pencil Skirt

Pencil us in for this one!  This skirt is sophisticated sexiness.  It shows the curves and brings all the boys to the yard.

2.  The Pleated Skirt

Yessss!  There's something about this skirt that makes us want to shimmy while wearing it.

3.  The Sheer Skirt 

This skirt says, " I care...but I really don't."  It's so 60s flower child.  We're digging that. 

4.  The Full Midi/Maxi Skirt

"Tea, please.....or Vodka."  This is the classy skirt that can instantly be transformed into a flirty look.   

5.  The Tulle Skirt

Girls just want to have fun, and this is the skirt to wear when having it!  We adore the tulle skirt!  It's like wearing a costume outside of the month of October!  Ladies feel all dainty in this skirt - like we're playing dress-up.  It's a winner!       

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stylin' on 'em.......literally.

Ladies, meet J. Bolin; aka "The Chosen one."  This is one of the few reasons why we love social media.  It allows us to tap into the lives of people who are making major moves in the fashion industry, and believe us when we say, "J. Bolin is making big moves!"

We ran up on this creative human from following Sarah Jakes (author and daughter of  Bishop TD Jakes) on Instagram.  When we clicked on his page, we were instantly intrigued.  We began studying his fashion art which we discovered is bold and tasteful.  J. Bolin's styles say, "I'm graceful, I'm a woman, and I keep it sexy, edgy, and classy...simultaneously."  What we love so much about J. Bolin's styles is that they are risqué enough for a night out on the town and at the same time appropriate for Sunday service.  This is what we call versatile fashion.

J. Bolin's resume is beyond impressive.  He's worked with celebrities such as Niecy Nash, Sarah Jakes (as mentioned above), and Keisha Knight Pulliam just to name a few.  His work has been featured in many magazines and in Vogue Italia on line!  Sweeeeeeeet!

We are more than confident that this mastermind will be even more prominent in the fashion world very soon.  Check out some of his work below.  Also, follow him on Instagram (@stylistjbolin).  You will definitely get your fashion addiction fed!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cat woman...

Just thought we'd give you some hot fashion to go with your Sunday dinner!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Bodysuits are a staple that needs to be added to every woman's closet. They are so stylish and sensuous.  They hug your body and give your outfit a smooth effect.  As you can see above, a bodysuit, pair of heels, and jeans can quickly become a chic #ootd (outfit of the day).  It's so easy to pull off, and it produces great fashion results.  Click here for details on this ensemble.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

La Muse...

Scrolling through fashion looks earlier today, everything seemed so blah.  Nothing was giving us energy or motivation.  We just knew the fashion world had pulled an April Fool's prank on us today.  Then the picture above happened.  It wowed us!  It instantly gave us inspiration!  Everything about this outfit works.  It is pure fashion art.  The print on the skirt is breathtaking.  The shirt makes the outfit very interesting and daring.  We love that she kept the color scheme going by doing the black and white shirt which brings out the black and white in her skirt and the blue heels which matches her skirt also.  It's like she color-blocked but matched!  That's incredibly weird, and we adore it!!  Seeing this ensemble has encouraged us to create!  The movement lives on!!!!!!  

Click here to get the details on this outfit, to see more looks from this doll, and to discover why she is much more than a fashion prodigy.