Monday, February 17, 2014

Bald-headed, bold, and beautiful...

This courageous sister was the IT model in the 1970s.  Pat Evans is the type of lady we like!  She owned her craft, spoke her mind, and she wasn't afraid to express herself through words or actions.  Evans cut all of her hair off her head to show her audience that hair does not equate beauty; the way you carry yourself does.

Early in her modeling career, she was often turned down for jobs because she wasn't "black enough." Agencies would tell her that her skin was too light. Therefore, she didn't fit their perceptions of what black was.  Upon being told this several times, Evans decided to speak out about the racism she encountered in the modeling industry.  In 1974, she wrote an article in Essence Magazine that touched on the negativity and unfair practices in the modeling industry.   The title of the article was The Name of The Game Is...  This article put the modeling industry and their ways on blast.

Regardless of her outspoken nature, Evans was still featured in popular magazines like Vouge and Harper's Bazaar.  A lot of  you 1970 babies might remember this diva from her pictures on the Ohio Players' album cover. Evans is definitely a pioneer in the fashion world. She paved the way for models like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.  We salute this bad sister during the month of February.

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