Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ooooooh kill em!

This Blonde Bombshell has a PhD in Fashion! Her style is so "in your face" but in a subtle way. The fact that she pulled off an all denim outfit speaks volumes! As a matter of fact.....all denim ensembles are making a comeback, but there is a certain art to doing it; she did it.
Don't even get us started on this leather peplum skirt with the ruffle blouse! Classic!! The skirt is the perfect length and the low-cut blouse gives us just the right amount of sexy which offsets the knee-length skirt. Follow this Diva on instragram @karleusastar to see more of her creativity and to get the details on these works of art.
In the meantime....we will find more examples of the all denim look.....we are seriously digging it.

Source:  @karleusastar

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