Friday, December 27, 2013

Army Vintage

This coat had to be showcased for two reasons;  it is BAD and it is my father's army dress coat that he wore when he was 18 years old!  This is vintage fashion at its best!  The United States Army issued my father this coat in 1967 right before he went to fight in the Vietnam War.  As a result of serving his country, he earned the Purple Heart Honor and my family inherited stylish army gear (guess Vietnam was good for something after all :-)).  I felt so proud to sport this coat because it was so organic and deeply rooted in my family.  My father wore it, my brother wore it, my mother still wears it, and now I'm blogging about it.  Talk about generational fashion eh.......

Outfit Details:  Army Dress Coat (MBS) // Forever 21 Gray Skinny Jeans // Aldo Fur Boots // American Apparel Black Bodysuit // Felt Hat (Dr. PHS)

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