Friday, November 21, 2014

Classic Fashion

Here's some outfit inspiration for the weekend.  Classic/simple fashion such as jeans, a t-shirt, and a nice coat can go a long way and make a stylish statement.  Enjoy!

Outfit Details: T-shirt - - $35 // Coat - - $994 // Jeans - - $370 // boots- - $63 // Chanel Bag - - $1,599 // Earrings - - $50 // Watch - - $260 // Cap - - $65 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Solange is Art

This is breathtaking.  This is much more than fashion; this is art. Solange knows just how to stand out from a crowd and do her.  We are in awe.  Below are two pictures from her and Alan Ferguson's wedding this past weekend in New Orleans.  The first picture is of the jumpsuit she wore for her actual ceremony and the other is of the dress she wore for her wedding photos.  If you love art and fashion, then you can appreciate Solange's perspective on both.

 We are going crazy over this photo below.  It's so artistic and powerful.  Solange is definitely the MVP!  We love this dress she chose for her pictures.  It is non-traditional and it covered her whole body.  This is a statement; especially in a time where being naked is popular.  Empower us Solange!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exploring on a Casual Day...

Exploring the French Quarters, casually, in an H&M cardigan.

The weather was beautiful today; not too hot or too cold.  This type of weather called for a mixture of fall and summer wear.  Mixing seasonal fashion is popular in states like Louisiana and California.  When living in climates as such, do not put your summer gear away just because the fall season is upon us.  Keep it handy for days like this and mix it in with your fall gear. 

H&M cardigan

Monday, November 3, 2014

Retro Print

Retro fashion is making a comeback this season, and we are loving the throwback prints and styles.  A lot of designers are channeling the 60s era with the mod prints and baby-doll dresses.  Designs that once looked outdated to us are now looking fashionable.  So think twice before you turn your nose up at a weird print.  With a little style technique, you can make it look chic! 

Check out this Retro Night Dress by Chokolat Creme.  The print screams 1960s!       

Outfit Details:  Retro Night Dress // H&M Purse // NYDIREN Booties 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stoic Fashion

Fashion is not only art, it is also a mechanism that allows you to transform into whatever you want to be at that moment.  Fashion can bring out the many facets you possess.  You do not have to own only one style, you can dominate many!  Just when the world thinks they have your style figured out, switch it up; keep 'em guessing!

Below is a simple way to rock the oversize trend.  Jeans, a crisp, white button-down, and boots go a long way in fashion; simple and cool.


Outfit Details: BDG Sadie Oversized Button-Down Shirt  //  BDG Twig High-Rise Jean  //  Reversible Vegan Leather Oversized Tote Bag  // Boy George Hat // Mojo Moxy Over-the-knee boots

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fashionably Fall Ready

You guys know by now that we are heavy into fall fashion.  We just can't get enough!  Every time we run across some fly, fall outfits we have to share it with you guys, in hopes of inspiring your fall wardrobe as well!  Check out our latest fall inspirations below!

We are a huge fan of the poncho/shawl look.  This staple piece can be dressed up or down.  We love the way the bombshell above paired it with thigh-high boots. 

The knit sweater is back for this season.  Rocking it with some jeans and some boots creates a simple, sleek look.

The plaid blazer is a classic piece that can add a vintage flare to any ensemble.  It is perfect for the fall and winter weather. 
If you are craving that bad-ass look for the fall, motorcycle jackets are the way to go.  These jackets are timeless and add so much funk to the simplest style. 
One of the reasons why we love fall fashion so much is the coats!  Coats can cover up any bland shirt and turn your outfit into a statement!  It does not matter what you wear underneath a banging coat.  As long as your shoes are on point and the coat is fabulous then you have created a chic look.  

Photo Cred:  


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fly Fall Looks

We ran across a few fall looks that we just had to share with our followers.  These looks are simple and easy to pull off.  Check out three fabulous, fall looks below that will definitely turn heads. 

1.  The layered look

Layering a shawl over your leather jacket and adding a scarf to top it off is so bag-lady chic!  The heels take this outfit to another level and give it that "rich girl" look. 

2.  Oversize Coat
We are so in love with this look!  Simplicity is resounding as we always say....and this proves our point!  Distressed jeans, a white collar blouse, nice heels, a beanie, a banging bag, and a swank, oversize coat makes for the perfect ensemble in the fall.  We give this two thumbs up! 
3.  Tights under Shorts
Just because the weather has changed does not mean you have to give up those cut-off shorts!  Throw some textured tights underneath them, find your favorite coat and scarf, and call it a fierce day!