Friday, May 1, 2015

Kelly Rowland Deserves the Fashion Crown!

We don’t think you’re ready for Miss Kelly!  Since her days of being a member of the successful R&B girl group - Destiny’s Child, Kelly has grown into her own fierce woman.  Now days, she is embracing her beauty, motherhood, and her keen fashion sense, and we are in love with every minute of it!
From spicing up tomboy looks to killing the social scene in an ankle-length fur, Kelly holds nothing back when it comes to styling.  She possesses the type of body that designers hunt for to display their clothes.  Everything fits her so well and drapes effortlessly on her shape. 
If you haven’t gotten on the Kelly Rowland bandwagon by now, let’s us sway you in her direction with some looks that we are sure will make you praise the fashion gods.  Check them out below. 

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/KellyRowland

It seems as if Kelly was saying this in her mind while she was smiling, “Yup, I’m definitely slaying without even trying and oh, have you checked out my shoes?”  This easygoing look is on point.  A t-shirt and distressed jeans make a cool outfit in itself, but adding a blue, leather biker jacket and silver, ankle-cuffed stilettos take this whole ensemble to a banging level. 

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/KellyRowland

Super Fly has nothing on Miss Kelly!  If you have ever needed a definition of a “bad chick,” just reference the picture above.  Kelly is crushing with this layered coat look.  The black on grey breaks up the monotony of the whole look and gives it a sleek, June Ambrose (Google her) vibe.  Kelly reigns!   
Peep out some more of Kelly’s astonishing looks below.  Let us know which one is your favorite and why.

Photo Credit. Retrieved March 12, 2015. Instagram/lastnitelooks



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rihanna at Coachella 2015

When we think of Coachella, we usually think about free-spirited people gathered in an open, grassy field swaying to live, boisterous music. We also envision half-dressed women trying to emulate their best hippie look, food and alcohol galore, and tons of warm weather.  With this being our perfect Coachella image, you can almost imagine our astonishment when Rihanna rolled up on the Coachella scene decked out in the outfits below.  She completely went against our Coachella vision and reminded us once again why she is the Queen of Style.    

While her outfit choices may have been a bit eccentric, Rihanna is one of the few celebrities who can get away with fall fashion during festival season.  

Let’s try and wrap our heads around Rihanna’s bizarre, fashion choices featured below.  

Here Rihanna is spotted in a sleek, black summer dress, pink Doc Martens featuring orange flowers, and a purple, floor length fur from Marques Almeida’s Fall 2015 collection.  This is a look that makes us go hmmmmm but it’s so Rihanna.  Normalcy isn’t her mode of operation when it comes to fashion, and this outfit definitely supports that.    

Prints are in and our girl Rihanna took this trend to heart at Coachella this year.  While grooving to Drake’s performance, the Bad Gal sported a KTX Fall 2015 Printed Poncho and matching leggings and a pair of Balenciaga Unit Leather Biker Ankle Boots.  Underneath her poncho was a breast plate (she obviously takes tribal to another level).  Her other accessories included a nose ring, statement rings and bracelets. 

Now if you are liberated and bold like our Barbadian Boo Rihanna, then we have recreated one of her Coachella 2015 looks for you to sport to your hometown festival.  Check it out below.

County Of Milan fringe poncho $495 -  - Punk rock pants $24 - Topshop black platform boots $60 - RED Valentino black bangle $220 - - Silver square earrings $87 - Two finger knuckle ring $3.99 - LES ART ISTS black cap $52 - Manic Panic purple lipstick $9.99

Are you feeling Rihanna’s Coachella 2015 looks?  Are you bold enough to wear one of these outfits to your hometown festival? 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Style Crush: Shiona Turini

"In college, during a summer internship, I took my first paycheck, walked into Versace and bought a pair of nude leather mules. I didn’t have money for food for two weeks and I was completely at peace with that."  This ladies, was spoken by the Fashion Guru herself; Shiona Turini.

Shiona Turini, former Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan, eats, breathes, and is fashion.  She understands the depths of the art and makes it come together to create masterpieces.  Shiona has held several positions in the fashion industry including working right alongside fashion greats like American fashion designer Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of Vouge Paris and founder and editor-in-chief of the CR Fashion Book. 

In a recent article with, Shiona reveals some of her fashion favorites such as Alaïa and admits that she would love to trade closets with Diana Ross, Josephine Baker, and Grace Jones.  Shiona also admits that most of her fashion purchases are crazy, and she uses some of her finds as décor for her pad (she’s such a fashionable Michelangelo).  Check out her Balenciaga shoes strategically planted on her bookshelf below.    

Photo Credit. Retrieved January 8, 2015.
Shiona Turini is currently shutting the fashion game down.  If you still have not figured out the true definition of style by now, we have six lessons below that will school you and have you up-to-par.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

Shiona is the queen of crop tops, and she knows how to wear them.  For instance, pairing a simple black, crop top with a studded leather midi skirt is so necessary!  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Shiona is super gangster clad in this black and white ensemble.  Wearing a scarf over her mouth while sporting a girly outfit screams swag!  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Her casual and classy combinations are on point.  Shiona makes this statement t-shirt look chic. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

This coat will make us slap an old lady!  It is so Parisian; high-fashion at its best!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat

Sometimes too much leopard will make you say hmmmmm, but not on Shiona.  She makes leopard on leopard look stylish.  Choosing gold pumps instead of black ones for this ensemble was genius.  It breaks up the monotony of the leopard.  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Shiona can hang with the boys and still look feminine.  This tuxedo dress is fabulous.  It is a different look from the regular cocktail dresses and it screams “boss!”  Every girl should own one.  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram - @shionat
Oh and she hangs with Solange (see Shiona in the blue).  Whoever hangs with Solange is a fashion beast!  
To check out more of Shiona’s looks, visit her Instagram page @shionat. 
Are you feeling Shiona’s style?  What is your favorite piece from the looks above? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just chill....

Sometimes a girl just needs a chill day, in a chill dress. If you are looking for that piece that you can dress up or down, be comfortable or fancy in, where tennis shoes, flip flops, or heels with, then this dress is for you! It fits like a glove, yet is stretchy enough to give you room to maneuver. It's the ultimate spring frock!

Outfit Details:  Blue-chill Dress // Aldo Booties // Gap Leather Belt // Vintage Fedora Hat //

Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Outfit Inspiration

Just incase any of you are wondering what your armour (outfit) will be this weekend, we searched for a little inspiration to give you some ideas.  Check them out.  
For those of you going for the cool and relaxed style this weekend - jeans, combat boots, and a leather, biker jacket create a laidback, rocker-chic look that is very versatile.  The purple fur takes the outfit to an "out-the-box" fashion level.

This look above is for the girl who wants to be comfortable yet jazzy.
Knock them dead with all red!  Want to turn heads this weekend?  This is the way to do it!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Throwing Shade....

This is the type of skirt you wear when you want to strut your stuff and throw onlookers the "side-eye"......also known as - SHADE!
We ladies love a good skirt, especially a fun one that is faux leather!  The Shade Skater Skirt is so versatile and easy to throw on.  It can go with any color or any style top.  You can create a high-waist look with this skirt or pull it low on your waist to make sure your backside won't show.  You can pull off a sophisticated vibe with this skirt by pairing it with heels or create a grunge look by matching it up with sneakers or combat boots. 

Skater skirts are a timeless trend, and it is a must that each lady have at least one in her closet.  To have the Shade Skater Skirt in your closet....go to