Monday, October 20, 2014

Stoic Fashion

Fashion is not only art, it is also a mechanism that allows you to transform into whatever you want to be at that moment.  Fashion can bring out the many facets you possess.  You do not have to own only one style, you can dominate many!  Just when the world thinks they have your style figured out, switch it up; keep 'em guessing!

Below is a simple way to rock the oversize trend.  Jeans, a crisp, white button-down, and boots go a long way in fashion; simple and cool.


Outfit Details: BDG Sadie Oversized Button-Down Shirt  //  BDG Twig High-Rise Jean  //  Reversible Vegan Leather Oversized Tote Bag  // Boy George Hat // Mojo Moxy Over-the-knee boots

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fashionably Fall Ready

You guys know by now that we are heavy into fall fashion.  We just can't get enough!  Every time we run across some fly, fall outfits we have to share it with you guys, in hopes of inspiring your fall wardrobe as well!  Check out our latest fall inspirations below!

We are a huge fan of the poncho/shawl look.  This staple piece can be dressed up or down.  We love the way the bombshell above paired it with thigh-high boots. 

The knit sweater is back for this season.  Rocking it with some jeans and some boots creates a simple, sleek look.

The plaid blazer is a classic piece that can add a vintage flare to any ensemble.  It is perfect for the fall and winter weather. 
If you are craving that bad-ass look for the fall, motorcycle jackets are the way to go.  These jackets are timeless and add so much funk to the simplest style. 
One of the reasons why we love fall fashion so much is the coats!  Coats can cover up any bland shirt and turn your outfit into a statement!  It does not matter what you wear underneath a banging coat.  As long as your shoes are on point and the coat is fabulous then you have created a chic look.  

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fly Fall Looks

We ran across a few fall looks that we just had to share with our followers.  These looks are simple and easy to pull off.  Check out three fabulous, fall looks below that will definitely turn heads. 

1.  The layered look

Layering a shawl over your leather jacket and adding a scarf to top it off is so bag-lady chic!  The heels take this outfit to another level and give it that "rich girl" look. 

2.  Oversize Coat
We are so in love with this look!  Simplicity is resounding as we always say....and this proves our point!  Distressed jeans, a white collar blouse, nice heels, a beanie, a banging bag, and a swank, oversize coat makes for the perfect ensemble in the fall.  We give this two thumbs up! 
3.  Tights under Shorts
Just because the weather has changed does not mean you have to give up those cut-off shorts!  Throw some textured tights underneath them, find your favorite coat and scarf, and call it a fierce day! 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Colorful Life

Are we the only ladies guilty of wearing the color black on the majority of our fashion days?  Black is a neutral, beautiful color; however, branching out and adding an array of bright colors to your wardrobe is fun and it gives you the ability to create many different looks.

We ran across a few outfits on, and we were instantly attracted to the colors.  This fall, we are making an effort to expand our color palette and mix and match shades that are not normally seen together such as greens and blues and pinks and purples.  We are colorfully inspired!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stay Warm and Chic...

We have two favorite staples for the fall season (out of 100): the poncho and the shawl.  Ponchos and shawls are perfect for staying warm while looking savvy.  You know we are fans of versatile fashion, and these two knits fit in that category. You can throw either one on with tennis shoes or flats, or you can dress them up with your most fierce pair of stiletto boots or heels.  Either way, they are super stylish.

These simple, statement pieces go well with just a t-shirt and jeans.  This is effortless fashion at its best.  

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flower Child

Denim + necessary!  When wearing prints, some of us are guilty of trying to find a certain color in that print to match our other garment with.  Well, get rid of that stress because you do not have to match all the time.  A print worn with a solid color that does not match any color in the print works well in most fashion situations.  For instance, a denim shirt is something like a neutral color.  Wearing it with this black and white flower, print skirt helps to keep the outfit simple and allows the skirt to be the focal point of the ensemble.  Check it out.   

As we preach often, when in doubt - keep it simple, but do not forget to do you and be fashionably liberated! 
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sassy Days

May all of your days be sassy!!  The Sassy Days Bodysuit is a banger!  The deep cuts on the shoulders make the bodysuit unique, and of course we love the black and white contrast.  This bodysuit can be paired with a pop-colored skirt, your favorite pair of blue jeans, or some printed pants.

This party-perfect bodysuit is available now at